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During this time, to separate ourselves from the things of the world, to draw closer to God, and walk closer with Him. Because it’s important that we “separate” ourselves during a fast, and remove outside distractions, we ask that you please limit your use of media including television and Internet.


As we fast, we encourage you to ask the Lord to set a watch over your words. We will speak only the word of God during this time of prayer and consecration. ONLY THE WORD! THE WORD WORKS! We are also asking everyone to spend at least an hour of time in consecrated prayer, study, and worship…allow the Lord to lead you.


This is a personal and corporate fast. It should present a challenge, but it’s important to know you own body, know your options, and seek God in prayer and follow the fast that the Holy Spirit leads you to do. We believe God for the supernatural. We are expecting to be strengthened in: Our FAITH, MIRACLES, DELIVERANCE, AND HEALING.


We look forward to hearing your testimonies that will flow from this time of prayer & fasting!




Apostle & Prophetess Alston

Prayer & Fasting Guides - 2019 

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